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Mobility and Public Works Policy Area

Flanders is a federated state of the federal state of Belgium, with plenty of competences, one of which is the area of mobility and public works. Important transport infrastructure such as bridges, roads, locks, waterways, light rail, ... are the sole responsibility of Flanders. Governance and management of these fields is centralised under the Policy Area of Mobility and Public Works.

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Team EU & International Cooperation

Team EU & International Cooperation of the Executive Office is the unique contact point for European and internatonal affairs within the policy area. It is furthermore in charge of coordinating the foreign policy of the policy area, together with the other divisions and agencies. Its objectives are to make internal expertise related to international affairs known and employable as well as to strenghten the foreign network with the necessary geographical and thematic focus.

The Department of Mobility and Public Works closely cooperates with other departments, the Department of Foreign Affairs, amongst others.

Flanders International Technical Agency (FITA) is also part of the team EU and International Cooperation. Its more particular mission consists of promoting and disseminating Flemish knowledge, technical capacities and realisations related to infrastructure, equipment, transport, environment and spatial planning abroad. Furthermore it offers logistic and technical support, by providing and deploying governmental experts for international assignments. As such the Flemish businesses are stimulated to invest in specific sectors abroad. Last but not least, FITA also provides content for technical visits and internships.

Should you have general questions concerning this website or the foreign policy of the Mobility and Publics Works Policy Area, you can contact us via the contact form.