Autonomous shuttle

New autonomous shuttle

De Lijn and Brussels Airport have approved the pilot project for autonomous electric busses for airport transport. It will be the first bus fleet to autonomously drive in a mixed traffic environment. After the summer of 2019 first tests and trials without passengers will start at the site of manufacturer 2GetThere in Utrecht. Early 2020 the shuttles will be tested further on the grounds of Brussels Airport.

zelfrijdende shuttle

Two years of safety tests

The first phase of testing and development of the autonomous shuttle will take two years. This allows for extensive safety testing in various weather conditions and traffic situations. During the tests no passangers, visitors or staff will be allowed on the shuttle.

After a positive evaluations of the first phase Lijn and Brussels Airport Company can decide to deploy the autonomous shuttle from 2021 onwards for passenger, visitor and staff tranport on a trajectory between the terminal and Brucargo.