Branding Tools for Flanders Accelerates!

  • May 4, 2020

Flanders accelerates! is a broad internationalisation strategy for the Flemish economy, that has been developed in cooperation with more than 150 stakeholders active in the domain of international entrepreneurship.

Together with the organised civil society branding tool and guidelines to highlight the assets of Flanders' businesses were created. Companies, sectoral associations and governments with a role in the field of the five selected 'strong' industries (Life Sciences & Health, Food, Solution Driven Engineering & Technology, Smart Logistics en Sustainable Resources en Materials & Chemistry) can make use of these tools in support of their own investment- or export marketing. Through an overarching use of photos, videos, guiding texts, facts and figures the Flemish identity can be 'recognised' abroad, emphasising our solution-oriented approach.

The developed documents for Smart Logistics are available online. They focus on the efficiency, creativity, innovation and flexibility that characterise this sector. Because of its small area yet dense population, as well as its central position within the European transport network, Flanders pursues a perfectly integrated and multimodal logistics network. The four most important maritime ports ad well-developed inland waterway network have a crucial role in the implementation. Digitalisation is also pivoral in further developing this sector and making it future-proof and sustainable.

Flanders Accelerates! targets three main objectives:

  • The strategy addresses impediments and obstacles Flemish companies may experience in international undertaking.

  • Our collegues of Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) support Flemish companies and start-ups in further internationalisation as well as international companies in establishing innovative branches in Flanders.

  • The strategy aims to strengthen the Flemish position in the five mentioned domains:

    • Life Sciences & Health;

    • Food;

    • Solution Driven Engineering & Technology;

    • Smart Logistics

    • Sustainable resources and Materials & Chemistry.