Coastal protection

Coastal Safety Masterplan

The Coastal Safety Masterplan aims to protect the Flemish coast area against the so called 'millenial storm' until at least 2050. To this end, several works are already implemented, in execution or planned in 10 coastal communities to improve resilience of the coast to withstand superstorms. The weakest areas are tackled first.

Complex project Coastal Vision

Plans such as the Coastal Safety Masterplan initiated in 2011 aim to secure the coastal region against floods in a medium term, until 2050. The complex project Coastal Vision looks beyond with the objective to develop a sustainable long term vision for the Flemish coastal area, towards 2100. We need to be prepared for future challenges related to climate change while simultaneously strenghtening the various functions our coast fulfills. In this way, both safety and viability of the coastal region can be safeguarded.

One of the biggest challenges to face in the coming decades is the sea level rise. With the initiating decision for this complex project Coastal Vision a participatory research project has started. 

More information is available on the website on the Flemish coastal vision.