Complex Project Extra Container Capacity Antwerp

Extra containercapaciteit Antwerpen

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Complex Project Extra Container Capacity Antwerp

On July, 15. 2016 the Flemish Government took the initiating decision on the realisation of extending the container capacity in the port of Antwerp, in the form of a specific procedure of complex project.  

In this way the Flemish Government simultaneously acknowledged the importance of the port of Antwerp as an important economic growth area for Flanders on a maritime, logistic and industrial level.

The port of Antwerp has a determining role in the realisation of Vision 2050 of the Flemish Government in which Flanders serves as logistic hub and gateway to Europe for international freight flows. The creation of extra container capacity in the port area of Antwerp will be beneficial for both prosperity and employment.

The global project aims at realising the expected increase in capacity until 2030. Different scenarios have been investigated and on May, 17. 2019 the Flemish Government has taken a principal decision on the preferential design scheme. The first phases of implementation are foreseen in 2020-2021.

More information is available on the project website.