First EU Stakeholder Event Held on 15/12/2020

  • December 24, 2020

On December, 15. Team EU and International organised a virtual conference regarding the European strategy for smart and sustainable mobility, the longterm framework to make the EU transport policy futureproof an transform mobility in an innovative, smart and sustainable way. 

The Department of Mobility and Public Works has the ambition to strenghten stakeholder involvement in the process of policy-making. Specifically the European transport policy is an important part of this, since mobility is a crossborder matter by definition, European cooperation is essential.

A broad 'physical' network event was not possible given the circumstances, a virtual conference was chosen as format. However, to ensure interaction and debate possibilities among the panel they were gathered on set in the buildings of Living Tomorrow. The event was livestreamed on Youtube, with a professional director, moderator, technical crew and enthousiast panel members.

The result is available online