Maritime Research Centre Ostend

On May, 15. 2019 the new maritime research centre in the port area of Ostend was inaugurated. The construction took 2 years and was led by the Maritime Access division of the Department of Mobility and Public Works.

The research centre is a 2-in-1-compound with a large hull testing tank and a coastal and ocean basin, intended for groundbreaking research on tidal influence and the effects of wind and waves on vessels and maritime-based objects.

On the one hand the research centre will strenghten Flemish maritime scientific research. On the other hand the development of the port area will be boosted, as the research centre offers ample possibilities for both large and small businesses to ensue this matter.

Exploitation of the building, which also provides office space for the Flanders Hydraulics Research and academic institutions to manage the tests, is foreseen in 2020.

Hull testing tank

In the hull testing tank the vessel hulls and maneuvers are tested in a realistic way. Model ships up to 8 meters long can be towed through the tank to determine the maneuverability of vessels.

sleeptank in het maritiem onderzoekscentrum Oostende

Coastal and ocean basin

In the wave basin currents, waves and wind can be generated in a controled manner to test scale models of coastal security installations, offshore constructions, wave and tidal converters or wind turbines in all possible circumstances and conditions. As such both test basins offer versatile research possibilities for wind turbine manufacturers, offshore engineering and developers of wave and tidal energy. The tests furthermore contribute to risk reduction and offer opportunities for businesses to fast-track developments and reaction to new evolutions on the market.

golfbassin in het maritiem onderzoekscentrum Oostende

More information is available on the website of the new maritime research centre.